Dan Lyons, Then and Now

Dan Lyons has an article on Novell’s victory over The SCO Group, in which he starts:-

At long last, the SCO Group’s ugly, often farcical legal crusade against Linux appears to be over.

It’s interesting to compare what he writes now with what he wrote in 2003:-

SuSE Linux, a German company, claims customers aren’t scared by the SCO lawsuit. “Everyone has seen through this,” a SuSE spokesman says.

In other words, like many religious folk, the Linux-loving crunchies in the open-source movement are a) convinced of their own righteousness, and b) sure the whole world, including judges, will agree.

They should wake up. SCO may not be very good at making a profit by selling software. (Last year the company lost $24.9 million on sales of $64.2 million.) But it is very good at getting what it wants from other companies. And it has a tight circle of friends.

A “tight circle of friends”? Who might they be? Is, or was, Dan Lyons one of them? Anyway, the article ended with this:-

These guys in Utah are no dummies. The crunchies in the Linux community should be paying more attention.

Well, PJ and Groklaw have, or course, paid an awful lot of attention to all this stuff. And you know what? Well, let’s let Lyons tell us himself, from his latest article:-

Passionate fans of Linux, a free operating system developed collaboratively by programmers from around the world, have argued from the start that SCO’s claims lacked any merit. On pro-Linux Web sites, they’ve been celebrating since Friday, viewing the ruling as vindication.

Yes, Dan. We told you so.

SCO’s claims against Linux angered the passionate fans of the free operating system, prompting pickets outside SCO’s offices and loads of heated invective. Linux is arguably the biggest thing to happen in computing in the past 20 years. Its fans are celebrating now.



One Response to “Dan Lyons, Then and Now”

  1. Fake Dan Lyons Says:

    Right! I have had it right up to my turkey wattle with you bomb tossing crunchie terrorist zealot Linux Loons!

    So I’m a complete hypocrite.

    Just please, oh please *do not inform all my fawning one button mouse fans*! If they knew what kind of duplicitous weasel I actually am, it might affect sales of my “blook”!

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