Asking Dan Lyons About His Blog

Let me just try something. I’ll ask Dan Lyons if he’s abandoned Floating Point in a comment I’ll submit to his “About Dan Lyons” page. And, for the record, I’ll put a copy of the comment here:-

In light of your recent article on, Easy Blogging, I’d like to ask if you’ve now abandoned this blog. Was this the blog you mentioned in that article? Is it now abandoned? And can I also ask: do you have a new (Blogger?) blog in which you’re bashing Groklaw? If so, would you tell us where it is, so we can “bash back”? (That quote’s a reference to your infamous Attack of the Blogs Forbes article, of course.) (Of course, I could search, but I’m being lazy.)


(And then I paused for a while before publishing this, because I really needed a poo.)


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