PJ and The OSDL Payments Allegation

Hooray! Hooray! AMD have donated some servers to Groklaw! Thank you, AMD!

Now, what will Dan Lyons make of that? My bet, if he responds at all, is that he’ll emphasize the lack of mention of alleged OSDL funding of Groklaw. He’ll draw a contrast between this big announcement of AMD support with the lack of response to his stuff about OSDL allegedly funding Groklaw.

But then again, maybe not.

As I write this, his “Shoot the messenger” article is still the most recent article still on his blog. It starts with this:-

Hilarious stuff on Groklaw today. A reader writes in to ask PJ directly if she actually took money from OSDL and says, “If true, that does look rather whiffy. … I’d like to know if there’s substance in that particular allegation.” Naturally the poster is called a “troll.” Then PJ responds with her own comment in which she doesn’t answer the question but tries to make the whole thing about me.

Since then, some more, relevant comments have appeared on Groklaw. A nice example is one under the “My Very Own Motion, Tra La” article. It’s an anonymous comment with the subject line, “let’s review the allegation”. In it, the commenter nicely summarizes The SCO Group’s theory of IBM funding Groklaw via OSDL, with nice references to Dan Lyons as appropriate. The commenter actually asks, “Are these allegations true?” (though goes on to express doubts).

PJ responded with a comment which starts:-

Have you ever known Lyons to get all his facts right?

As I say, in due time, I’ll tell you the whole story, but I have to get lawyered up first and all that jazz.

So, we’ve got it from PJ that, “in due time,” she’ll tell us “the whole story”. Is that okay for you, Dan?

It’s hardly surprising that PJ’s not disclosing all and sundry at this time. The SCO Group are, according themselves, seeking to depose PJ, quite possibly on just such questions. It’s entirely understandable that PJ wants to get “lawyered up first and all that jazz.”

In another comment, PJ explains:-

I was never involved as a witness before, so I can’t say too much yet. But in time, I’ve no doubt you’ll get to know the whole story.

But now that the possibility of a deposition is in the air, I naturally have to behave differently than if I were not personally involved.

Let’s not forget how incredibly flimsy The SCO Group’s funding allegations are. And let’s not forget how Dan Lyons keeps conveniently popping up in such matters.


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