CEASE and DESIST! Or Something

Here’s an email I’m sending to Dan Lyons. I’m sending it with the subject line, “CEASE and DESIST! Or Something”.


Firstly, the reason I’m sending this to your Forbes.com email address is because I didn’t find an email address for you on your Floating Point blog. I did have a look, but didn’t find a suitable email address. So, I looked on Forbes.com, and easily found your Forbes.com email address.

Anyway, yesterday, or the day before (I can’t remember how many times I’ve slept since whenever it was), I discovered that you’d copied most of a comment I’d posted on Groklaw. And then I blogged about it:-


Would I be right in guessing that you’ll claim “fair use”? If so, how would copying almost my entire comment constitute fair use? Or will you remove your copy of my comment from your blog? (Is this the bit where I’m supposed to say, “CEASE and DESIST!”?)

While we’re at it, I was also wondering why the most recent few articles have disappeared from your blog.

Oh, and why, in your “SCO Vs. Blogger” Forbes.com article, did the “person close to the matter, who spoke on condition of anonymity”, speak “on condition of anonymity”? Why (I might cheekily ask, in reference to the ‘who is PJ?’ nonsense,) do they need to keep their real identity hidden? Did they contact you, or did you contact them?

And finally, is it okay if I publish your reply to this email on my blog, Sinking Point?


Simon G Best


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