Dan Lyons is Amazing!

Dan Lyons is amazing!

Take a look at his “Groklaw comment of the day” article. Looks like he’s basically copied a comment on Groklaw, but with nothing to indicate that he has the copyright holder’s permission. Looks more like he doesn’t have the copyright holder’s permission. Does Lyons believe it’s a case of fair use? Or is he simply a copyright infringer?

I’m no lawyer, but why would he need to copy the comment in full? He could have just linked to it. He could have just linked to it, in a brief article explaining that it’s his chosen “comment of the day”. But no; he’s chosen to copy the whole thing (though I haven’t checked to see if it’s word-for-word a complete and total, unedited copy).

Just speculating (highly hypothetically) here, but perhaps he’s trying to get sued for copyright infringement. One does wonder what interesting things might come to light during discovery. Who might get subpoenaed? Might Darl McBride get deposed? Just idle speculation/fantasizing on my part, of course.

But seriously, is this really a clear case of copyright infringement on Dan Lyons’ part? I hope so, because that would be quite amusing. After all, there are some people who say that copyright infringement is theft, anti-American, and stuff like that. And then there are those who take the “if you’re not with us, you’re against us” attitude one step further (to it’s supposed logical conclusion), to “if you’re against us, you’re with others who are against us”. That, according to such supposed logic, would put Dan Lyons in league with al-Qaeda. He supports terrorism against the people – the men, women and children – of the United States!

Of course, that’s a ridiculous conclusion to draw. Absurd. Silly beyond belief.

IBM has bought off the entire pack of free software noisemakers. This includes Eben Moglen, Richard Stallman, the Software Freedom Law Center and the Free Software Foundation.

The danger for IBM is that it’s risky business getting in bed with bomb-tossing loonies. In fact there are hints lately that IBM isn’t exactly thrilled about Stallman and his GPLv3 drafts.

Uh? “Bomb-tossing loonies”? Am I one? – Allegedly, that would be?

Where did he get the “bomb-tossing loonies” thing from?

Anyway, that’s from another article of his, “It’s not just PJ, by the way”.

As I said, Dan Lyons is amazing.


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